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Get Sun, Inc. set sail in the world of boat maintenance and repair, quickly expanding to include cars and trucks as well. Four years later, the company underwent a transformation and rebranded as Motor Worx, broadening its capabilities to include power equipment, construction equipment, ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, cars, trucks, and boats. In 2019, Motor Worx formed a partnership with Boardco and rebranded as Marine Worx.

Marine Worx is now the official warranty and service center for Centurion and Supreme Boats for the state of Utah.

Today, Marine Worx is not only a trusted provider of maintenance and repair services for all types of boats but also a local dealer for the renowned Centurion and Supreme boat brands.


David Robinson

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Dave Robinson, also known as "Dave The Mechanic," is a well-known figure in his community and has been providing mechanical advice on the radio for almost a decade. His passion for boats and mechanics started in his childhood, growing up in Salt Lake City and working with his father to maintain their boat and other vehicles. At 16, he started his career at a dealership, starting as a floor sweep and advancing to parts, service, and sales. His love for the water world led him to compete in water skiing and race three-wheeled ATVs, in addition to working at a body shop and construction. By 19, he opened his first custom auto center, followed by his second at 21, earning several awards for his work. Eventually settling in Southern Utah, Dave combined his experience in mechanics and construction to open a shop that services power/construction equipment, UTVs, motorcycles, cars/trucks, and boats. That's how we got here today!