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Boat Repair and Maintenance

Marine Worx is a trusted boat repair and maintenance service provider for customers in Southern Utah. Boasting more than three decades of experience, our team comprises highly skilled technicians dedicated to delivering exceptional results. We work closely with you, our customers, manufacturers, and insurance companies to address any issues your boats may have, ensuring that repairs are made to the highest standards. Whether you need to prepare your boat for the season ahead, or fix a problem during the season, or prepare your boat for storage during the off-season. Our boat service team has the knowledge and expertise to do the job.

Certified Warranty Service for:

Maintenance and repair of mechanical components

Mechanical boat service refers to the maintenance and repair of mechanical components in boats such as engines, transmissions, steering systems, propellers, and electrical systems. This type of service is essential to ensure that boats operate efficiently and safely. A typical mechanical boat service involves inspecting and replacing worn out or damaged parts, checking fluid levels, tuning the engine, and conducting overall maintenance to ensure the boat is in good working condition. Boats that are used frequently or in harsh environments may require more frequent mechanical service. Proper mechanical boat service can extend the life of a boat and prevent costly repairs down the road.

  • PCM Warranty

  • Oil Change & Service

  • Water Pumps

  • Tune-Up & Performance Upgrades

  • Diagnostic

  • Winterize

  • PCM Warranty

  • Oil Change & Service

  • Water Pumps

  • Tune-Up & Performance Upgrades

  • Diagnostic

  • Winterize

Maintenance and repair of electrical components

Electrical boat service involves the repair and maintenance of electrical systems in boats such as batteries, generators, wiring, lights, and navigation instruments. Electrical systems are a crucial component of any boat, as they power essential equipment and provide safety features such as lighting and communication devices. Electrical boat service technicians are trained to diagnose and repair problems with boat electrical systems, which can range from simple issues such as blown fuses to more complex issues such as faulty wiring or malfunctioning electronics. Electrical boat service technicians may also install new electrical components or upgrade existing systems to improve performance or efficiency. Regular electrical boat service is essential to ensure the safety and reliability of a boat, especially for those used in harsh marine environments where electrical components may be exposed to saltwater and other corrosive elements.

  • Computer Diagnostic & Updates

  • Lighting Repair

  • Custom Lighting

  • Gauges & Dash Repair

  • Guage & Dash Upgrades

  • Sound System Repair

  • Custom Sound Systems

  • Battery Replacement

  • Battery Isolation Options

  • Custom Power Options

  • Depth & Fishfinders

  • Trolling Motor Install & Repair

Boat hull maintenance, repair, and upgrades

Boat hull maintenance and repair is a crucial aspect of boat ownership, as the hull is the foundation of the boat’s structure and affects the vessel’s performance and safety. Hull maintenance involves cleaning, sanding, and applying protective coatings to prevent damage from water, sun, and marine organisms. Regular hull maintenance can also improve the boat’s fuel efficiency and prolong the life of the vessel. In addition to maintenance, hull repairs may be necessary due to damage from impacts, collisions, or wear and tear over time. Hull repair can include filling in cracks or holes, patching fiberglass or other materials, or even replacing the entire hull in extreme cases. Hull repairs should be carried out promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the structural integrity of the boat. Professional boat hull maintenance and repair services are available to ensure that boats remain safe and seaworthy for their owners.

  • Gel-Coat Repair

  • Custom Add-Ons

  • Boom & Tower Repair

  • Boom & Tower Customization

  • Boom & Tower Installs

  • Bilge Pumps

Boat hull maintenance, repair, and upgrades

Boat controls service and maintenance is the process of ensuring that the steering and propulsion systems of a boat are functioning correctly. This includes inspecting and maintaining the throttle and gear shift controls, steering mechanisms, and hydraulic systems. Regular boat controls service and maintenance is crucial to ensure the safety and performance of the boat. Service technicians will check for signs of wear and tear, corrosion, and damage to the controls and address any issues that are found. Proper maintenance of boat controls can also improve fuel efficiency and extend the life of the vessel. Boat owners should ensure that their boat controls are regularly serviced and maintained by a professional to ensure that the boat remains safe and reliable.

  • Steering Cables

  • Throttle Cables

  • Throttle Controls

  • Power Steering

  • Surf & Wake Controls

  • Thrusters

Boat trailer maintenance, repair, and upgrades

Boat trailer service, maintenance, and upgrades are important for ensuring that boats can be transported safely and efficiently. A boat trailer service involves inspecting and maintaining the trailer components such as the wheels, brakes, axles, and lights. Regular trailer maintenance can also include lubricating moving parts, checking the tire pressure, and repacking bearings. Upgrades to boat trailers can include installing new brakes, upgrading the suspension, or adding additional lighting. These upgrades can improve the overall safety and reliability of the trailer, making it easier to transport the boat. Proper maintenance and upgrades to boat trailers are essential to ensure that boats can be transported safely to and from the water. Boat owners should have their trailers regularly serviced and inspected by a professional to ensure that they are in good working condition.

  • Warranty Repair

  • Guides & Runners

  • Suspension Repair

  • Frame Repair

  • Lighting Repair & Upgrades

  • Brake Systems

  • Bearings

  • Tires & Wheels

  • Custom Wheels & Tires

  • Hitch Repair, Installation, & Wiring

Custom Boat Upgrades

Custom boat upgrades can enhance the performance and overall experience of boating. Ballast systems are one such upgrade, which can be used to adjust the weight distribution of the boat to improve handling and create larger wakes for activities like wakeboarding or wake surfing. Lighting upgrades can improve visibility and create a more inviting atmosphere on board. Sound system upgrades can enhance the entertainment experience and provide high-quality audio for music and communication. Tires and wheels upgrades can improve the safety and efficiency of boat trailer transport. Booms, which are extension arms used for water sports such as wakeboarding, can be customized to fit individual needs and preferences. Thrusters can provide increased maneuverability for docking and navigating in tight spaces. Performance upgrades such as engine and propeller upgrades can improve speed and fuel efficiency. Custom boat upgrades can enhance the enjoyment of boating and allow for a more personalized and optimized boating experience.

  • Ballast Systems

  • Lighting

  • Sound Systems

  • Tires

  • Wheels

  • Booms

  • Thrusters

  • Performance